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How To Transfer Your Domain From Another Hosting Company

   How To Transfer Your Domain From Another Hosting Company

 If you want to transfer your domain from another hosting company to ConfirmHost, you need to unlock your domain first. Any domain that you registered is automatically locked to avoid transfer of domain unwillingly.

These are the steps to follow:

The domain control panel or client dashboard can be used in changing the lock status of your  domains:

  1. Login to  your Client area or Dashboard from your previous hosting company
  2. .Click Manage Domains.
  3. Click on Register lock and unlock it 
  4. Go back to your domain section
  5.  Select  EPP code  or Authorization code and copy it
  6. Login to your ConfirmHost Dashboard 
  7. Click on the Domains in the menu and select transfer to us
  8. Insert the domain you wish to transfer
  9. Then paste the EPP code you copied
  10. Click Add to  cart.
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